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MARCO AIR CONTROL SERVICES – Specialists in Spare Parts for Air Compressors, Refrigeration Compressors, Marine Compressors, Heat Exchangers and Chilling Plants
Since 1997 MARCO AIR CONTROL SERVICES has specialized in the supply of spare parts and technical equipment for industrial and marine application. We are the preferred supplier for well-known chemical companies, pharma companies, dairies, breweries, capsule manufacturers, plastic industries, ice plants, shipping companies, ship management companies and many others all over the world.
For many years we have used our extensive experience in supplying spare parts for compressors for industrial air and refrigeration plants. MARCO AIR CONTROL SERVICES also successfully services numerous other sectors (Government, Semi-government, Offshore industry, Electricity boards, BARC, Nuclear power plants and many more as mentioned above).
As a full-range supplier MARCO AIR CONTROL SERVICES has access to an almost complete spectrum of spare parts from the most varied manufacturers – So it is economical for You and from a single source.
Be it Air compressors, Refrigeration Compressors, Marine Compressors, Oily water separators, Marine pumps, Marine and Industrial plate heat exchangers, Water/Brine Chilling plants or Refrigeration controls and accessories –we serve your requirements in the shortest time.
Are you planning to overhaul your compressors or marine equipment, or are you faced with a repair at short notice? Simply send us an enquiry for the necessary spare parts, and we’ll take care of the rest.
MARCO AIR CONTROL SERVICES delivers spare parts promptly all over the world.


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